Interactive elements that can be used from any smartphone


Word cloud
Word cloud





People can also use their eyes to comprehend the dimensions of a topic and intuitively use finger movements to express their opinion.
Measure emotions through touch

Group discussions are an integral part of everybody’s working environment but organising them effectively can be a real challenge. Groups larger than 5 people have the tendency to become inefficient as participants have to wait their turn to speak and it is hard to get a quick overview of the different opinions in the room. QANDR allows participants to instantly show their point of view and thereby radically improves the dynamics of the meeting.

QANDR's visualisations also make the follow-up of a session a breeze. As the images are directly shown in the house style of the organisation (white-labelling) the moderator can instantly enrich his follow-up with visuals, and the struggle to make sense of all these barely legible post-it notes will finally be a thing of the past.

QANDR's is a product developed by Noterik and we really enjoy talking to clients about possible new modules that we can add to the framework. Please contact us if you have an idea where real-time phone interaction can help in creating a group visualisation that is specific to your working environment.


    Join a session on the spot without installing an app or registering


    Use the touchscreen of smartphones to move a dot and instantly visualise opinions


    Brainstorm with live word clouds, or use classic polling to visualise the group's opinions


    As the images are directly shown in the house style of the organisation the moderator can instantly do a visual follow-up


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It takes two flints to make a fire
Joost Baalman
Account manager that keeps you on track
If you start working with QANDR, chances are you will speak with Joost to sort out your needs and requirements. Joost has extensive experience in software development and uses this expertise to manage QANDR accounts and other projects.
Daniel Ockeloen
Systems architect and concept developer
Daniel is our visionary software engineer who took our Multiscreen Toolkit’s potential to connect screens and mobile devices in one seamless web application – and turned it into the versatile group discussion tool that QANDR is today. Daniel is responsible for developing Noterik’s core framework Springfield and the Multiscreen Toolkit that are at the foundation of QANDR and most other Noterik services.
Pieter van Leeuwen
Software engineer that dots the i’s
Pieter is a versatile senior software engineer who ensures that all details are covered in QANDR development and implementation. His qualities eminently supplement Daniel’s. Their combined know-how and creativity is the basis for a sound technical roadmap for QANDR development well into the future.
David Ammeraal
Software engineer and HTML5 guru
David is our guy to ensure that our web-based products like QANDR behave and look the best way possible. He knows everything about responsiveness, compatibility, features and tricks. In QANDR he works mostly on front-end development including translating user requirements into proper interaction designs.
Rutger Rozendal
CEO and multiscreen enthousiast
Rutger is Noterik’s CEO, and passionate about creating real added value for users through smart use of digital technology. He was the driving force in making the concept of engaging users with digital content, using devices virtually everyone carries around with them, a reality.
Jechiam Gural
QANDR’s inventor
Jechiam was the first one at Noterik to realise the potential of using the powerful computer that everyone carries around with the – and uses for distraction rather than engagement. He remains passionate about providing real added value to organisations by smart use of digital technology.

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