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Internal and external participation

The QandR team is pleased to welcome another Dutch municipality as a QandR user. In government, environmental management and participation are not just buzz words, but actual challenges where policy choices have great impact. How to engage constructively with all stakeholders: citizens and businesses, but also as policy makers among themselves. When we demonstrated QandR in late 2023 to Edwin van Bochoven, environmental manager at the municipality of Delft, he immediately saw the potential of the tool to facilitate such conversations .

For a municipal client, the added value of QandR need not translate directly into short-term revenue - as is the case with, for example, our clients in Market Research. Participatory projects in the public domain typically require a longer-term approach. They require an iterative process, in which policymakers engage in constant dialogue, with citizens and businesses, as well as with each other. The feedback sharpens the goals and preconditions. QandR helps with the feedback and the conversation, with simple but effective work formats that visually represent in real-time what is going on among the participants and what they consider important. And with that, QandR comes into its own precisely in internal participation sessions - as in the session below.

Mapping challenges for participation in environmental development with the administrative team.

Physical session utilizing the following formats: pointer, word cloud, sticky notes, poll, dilemma, and grading.

Number of participants:
Team discussions with 5-10 participants.

In the developing area of Schieoevers Zuid, space, particularly adaptable space, is scarce. Coupled with significant ambitions in areas such as sustainability, this necessitates a consideration of interests. For instance, there's a trade-off between maximizing building area (within the constraints of the zoning plan) and sustainability goals. To make these decisions, a widely accepted vision is crucial. Sessions like these refine and clarify various aspects, laying the groundwork for broader discussions with citizens and businesses.

“Team Schieoevers attended our first session to test the possibilities, and the conversations were fantastic! As an organization, we are still actively experimenting with the tool, and during the sessions, we have sparked a lot of curiosity and connection. We see tremendous potential in the application. That's great!"

Edwin van Bochoven - Environmental manager, Municipality of Delft

QandR connects - also within the organization.

How QandR can contribute to internal discussions within the (municipal) organization was also evident in another internal session, where Edwin's department presented themselves to colleagues.


The work formats create an informal, playful atmosphere where people collaborate and don't just passively sit through a presentation - whilst checking their phones. The latter happens much less often with QandR because everyone uses their phones to participate.


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