Templates for Citizen Participation

The future of mobility

This template discusses how mobility can be made more sustainable. You ask participants which forms of mobility they use now and which 'green' possibilities they see for themselves in the future.

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Environmental vision

Residents have their say about their environment. You let them use Pointers to indicate the locations of interest on a map. They give input via Wordclouds and Moodboards and you conclude with a Grading where they indicate how well they liked the session.

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You test knowledge and expectations about designing public space using Polls en Wordclouds. Participants give visual (Moodboards) and conceptual (Wordclouds) input about what they want to see at the location and indicate that on maps using Pointers.

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Proud of the suburb

You start with a Grading to get a clear picture of how people grade their suburb. A Dilemma then gives room for more nuance. You use Wordclouds and Moodboards to discuss improvement people would like to see.

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Green in your area

Residents think along about making their suburb greener. They use the Pointer to indicate on an aerial photo where the green should be placed. With Wordclouds they submit suggestions of what and how, and the group discusses choices with Quadrants and Polls.

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Facilities for youngsters

You use Gradings and Wordclouds to find out to what extent the group feels that enough is on offer for youngsters. Moodboards allow participants to visualise their actual needs. With a Wordcloud you collect the group's suggestions for concrete plans.

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City planning

You use maps and images to show the current situation as well as the planned developments. Participants use Pointers to identify the bottlenecks, that they further explain via Wordclouds. Moodboards provide them with the opportunity for visual feedback.

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Stakeholder Mapping

After an introduction with Polls and Wordclouds, you use the Stakeholder Map canvas of the Brown Paper module to identify the stakeholders according to the group, and which roles they play.

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