Ask participants to take a position, also visualize doubt and hesitation


The Dilemma is an excellent module to start a discussion with. A facilitator can add a word left and right and ask the participants to take a position with their pointer. This will create a more nuanced picture with room for gradations and visualisation in relation to other participants. Because participants move their pointer along the axis in a continuous movement, there is also room for expressions of doubt and hesitation. As a facilitator, it is clever to respond to this because it is precisely in these kinds of considerations that the interesting conversation takes place.

Watch a video below where we demonstrate how the dilemma works.


One’s own dot/color is directly identifiable. Room for discussion on each dot. Nuance because dots may keep moving during discussion.

Takes more time to identify one’s own dot/color. Clear insight into popularity of viewpoints. They can also be discussed.

The horizontal axis becomes a heatmap with accents. Let people selectively have their say.


  • Flexible and multi-purposed.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Real-time movement increases focus.
  • Clear insight into the distribution of perspectives.
  • Intuitive way of responding uncovers doubt and hesitation.
  • Playful interaction, also in large groups.
  • Cons

  • Interaction may take getting used to.
  • May be somewhat messy in large groups.
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