The link between the environment and the project

You want them around

Conflicting interests, political sensitivities, maintaining relationships and managing expectations are everyday matters that a stakeholder manager deals with. He or she is the link between the environment and the project. This much-requested position is the specialty of the agency De Omgevingsmanager.

In practice, stakeholder managers are continuously busy managing the expectations of all stakeholders, speaking to all those involved and providing insight into all their interests. QandR is regularly used, especially during project meetings with all these stakeholders, to ensure that no voice is lost. During these meetings there are many different opinions, all of which have an important role in making a decision. The various working methods of QandR are used to provide insight into the diversity of opinions and to appropriately include them in decision-making.

“QandR helps us to set up a structured and efficient conversation with a large group of professionals from various organizations. The Sticky Notes in particular are very well received. The yellow ones are immediately digital, with the advantage that we can immediately share the insights with others after the canvas session.”

-Jeroen Mansveld | Owner - De Omgevingsmanager

Monitoring and taking into account the interests of both the internal party and the environment as much as possible

Mainly offline sessions using the word cloud, mood board, sticky notes, pointer methods

Number of participants:
Group conversations with 10 to 30 participants

Above we see a number of working methods that de Omgevingsmanager uses to achieve their goals. Sticking yellow notes in the work form Sticky Notes is a perfect method to gather the opinions of stakeholders. The fact that these can easily be submitted via telephone and then organized on a canvas gives de Omgevingsmanager a very concrete tools to achieve a constructive dialogue.

The Wordcloud is also a working method that is often used by de Omgevingsmanager. Particularly at larger events with more than 40 participants, the word cloud is used, for example, to retrieve the needs of the residents, to find out what stakeholders want to talk about regarding a decision or to get a complete picture of what is going on and what is happening. is important. The function that comes into focus within this method is that participants can vote on words/phrases that have already been specified, so that this word or sentence becomes larger and indicates that it is an important topic.

We at QandR believe that de Omgevingsmanager excels in using QandR through its down-to-earth approach, by asking the right questions and by using the right tools. Through this effective working method of QandR, de Omgevingsmanager ensures that they are always aware of what is going on, they have a correct and concrete picture of the input from all stakeholders and they can create a perfectly tailor-made plan in which all wishes and must-haves are taken into account.

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