The way QANDR handles your privacy

QANDR is GDPR proof


We regularly get questions such as: what about privacy in QANDR? does QANDR comply with the GDPR? That is only logical, as with QANDR you come together as a group (physically and/or remotely) and opinions and insights are freely shared with one another. Our customers want to be sure that their privacy and that of their users cannot be compromised. Well, the short answer is: QANDR is GDPR proof. Read on for an explanation how we manage that.

- QANDR sessions do not store any personal data
- QANDR visualizes opinions
- QANDR obviously knows the facilitator
- Notified to the AP

Privacy Policy

Please review our privacy policy for more technical details on how we handle the collection, storage and disclosure of personal data from facilitators, participants and other stakeholders.