QandR alla Milanese


More and more agencies that are active in the field of qualitative market research are discovering the added value that QandR can offer in focus groups. For several of our clients, QandR has become part of the standard toolbox in their qualitative research proposition, and for some this means they truly make it their own by branding it. Such a client is BVA Doxa from Milan, who have given QandR the excellent and appropriate name of SmartFocus.

Innovate traditional group discussions with more interaction and better data

Deepen the dialogue with real-time visualizations, and generate visual output for e.g. brand positioning and product evaluation.

Number of participants:
Focus groups with 5-10 participants

We are very pleased with this new collaboration (dating back to before the corona crisis) as BVA Doxa is a key player in the field of market research in Italy. Founded in 1946, it ranks among the leading companies in the sector, both in quality and reliability. Focus on innovation, to adapt BVA Doxa’s solutions to an ever changing market, and scientific rigor have always formed the basis of their work. The incorporation of QandR in their portfolio of qualitative research methodologies is a fine example.

We like to show above the video that BVA Doxa made to make this research methodology known to its customers. In short, in BVA Doxa’s words : SmartFocus (a.k.a. QandR) provides an engaging, interactive, individual, immediate and dynamic format that results in more interactive and insightful focus groups.

The most recent Italian research project where QandR was used consisted of no less than twelve sessions, visually comparing different propositions using grading en word clouds to collect participants’ input. BVA Doxa smartly used QandR’s advanced feature to merge results of different sessions – a very useful feature that we elaborate about in this article.