Collect post-it notes and position these on a ready canvas or a your own background

Brown Paper

There are many whiteboard solutions on the market, but in our opinion they are almost always complicated to operate (often via a computer). This results in a unwanted situation that participants focus on technical aspects of the interface instead of focussing on the central group conversation.

During the old-fashioned physical brown-paper sessions, this is not the case; the post-it notes are written individually, but the real knowledge exchange, the real conversation takes place at the moment the post-it note is placed. With QANDR's new brown-paper module, we want to make the centrale discussion how you view an idea, what is really important and where an idea should be placed part of the experience again.

The brown-paper module has now been made available in a beta release within QANDR, and discussion leaders who want to try it out can contact us.

The Brown-Paper module can only be used in combination with the QANDR remote control. Facilitators who have not worked with the remote control before are advised to watch the explanation video on this page.


Ideal group size as there is room for each participant to explain their idea and discuss it as a group.

Still possible because of the simple structure of the module, but not everyone will be able to speak. The number of ideas will quickly become too much to handle all, in which case the selection mechanism on the remote control will come in handy.

Group is too large to discuss all ideas, our advice is to split the group into two sessions to keep the dialogue going.


  • Very easy to operate by the participants.
  • Group discussion again (not everyone on their own).
  • Easy to discuss because the highest and lowest vote get visible.
  • Positioning can be done by both participant and facilitator.
  • Cons

  • Not suitable for very large groups.
  • Cannot be used without also using the remote control as facilitator.
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