Create an associative brainstorm with the option to upvote each other's ideas


The Wordcloud is a well-known method to shape a more associative brainstorm. It is quite popular because it displays different perspectives on a topic in a very intuitive way. A great advantage of a word cloud is that it also allows more introverted people, who are hesitant to speak in a regular group discussion, to reveal their point of view and the facilitator can then ask them to explain it.

When set up in the word cloud editor, participants of a QandR session can also upvote the answers of other participants, which will then become larger on the main screen.

Watch a video below where we demonstrate how the wordcloud works.


Clear insight into popularity of words. They can be discussed per participant. Well readable wordcloud.

Global overview of submitted words. They can also be discussed.

Global, less readable overview of submitted words. Discuss words that were enlarged by upvoting in the group.


  • Flexible and multi-purposed.
  • Easy to set up.
  • A good reflection of group sentiments.
  • Ideal for associative brainstorm session and as starting point of discussion.
  • The most popular keywords are enlarged by ‘upvoting’.
  • Introverted participants are get to have their say.
  • Responses can be given uninfluenced.
  • Data can be exported (Excel).
  • Cons

  • Words cannot be moderated.
  • May be messy in large groups.
  • Click here for a summary of all work formats and here to compare them.