Awaken a discussion in a quadrant with multiple dimensions


The Quadrant is ideally suited for a nuanced discussion on more abstract goals or priorities. A facilitator places words at the end of each axis and asks participants to take a position with their pointer. They can then clarify their point of view in this visual overview. Typically, facilitator will give the floor to two opposing positions first, so that the discussion directly gets interesting.

An additional advantage of all pointer modules is that participants in the dialogue remain more true to their own perceptions. Whereas in a conversation without visualisation the first speaker determines to a large extent how the meaning of a subject (axis) is filled in, participants will in this case be more likely to hold on to the merits of their original way of thinking, that prompted them place their pointer at that specific position in the first place. This will result in an overall more balanced and truthful representation of the views of the group.

Watch a video below where we demonstrate how the quadrant works.


Clear overview of individual contributions. They can be discussed per participant.

Global overview of submitted images. Individual images can be discussed by clicking and enlarging them.

Global, less workable overview of images. Individual images can however be discussed by clicking and enlarging them.


  • Flexible and multi-purposed.
  • Easy to set up.
  • A good reflection of group sentiments.
  • Ideal for visual brainstorm sessions and as starting point for discussion.
  • Intense and playful interaction that promotes engagement.
  • Multiple ways to source images.
  • Images may be prepared in advance by participants.
  • Responses can be given uninfluenced.
  • Cons

  • Becomes unworkable in (very) large groups.
  • Relatively complex interaction.
  • Click here for a summary of all work formats and here to compare them.