Ask your participants to pinpoint something and discover what catches their eye


The Pointer allows each participant in a QandR session to point out something on the central screen. Its application is very flexible. In market research it is often used to discuss advertising or packaging material, in civic participation it is used to point at a map, and in education we have seen that a process diagram is used to ask in which stages a certain product or service is (e.g. place on the Gartner hype-cycle).

Watch a video below where we demonstrate how the pointer works.


One’s own dot/color is directly identifiable. Room for discussion on each dot. Nuance because dots may keep moving during discussion.

Takes more time to identify one’s own dot/color. Clear insight into popularity of viewpoints. They can also be discussed.

Mainscreen becomes a heatmap with accents. Let people selectively have their say.


  • Extremely flexible and multi-purposed.
  • Works with any image.
  • Real-time movement increases focus.
  • Easily exposes different perspectives.
  • Intuitive way of responding uncovers doubt and hesitation.
  • Playful interaction, also in large groups.
  • Cons

  • Interaction may take getting used to.
  • May be somewhat messy in large groups.
  • You have to supply an image yourself.
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