Get everyone actively involved

Interactive sessions

For many years we have successfully collaborated with MARIN on the development of the Stageplayer. In January 2021 our collaboration expanded in another direction when MARIN opted for a QandR subscription from us as well. The tool is used by various MARIN employees, for example during an interactive New Year's speech with more than 300 participants, for a brainstorming session at a specific department or to quickly visualize different opinions during a networking event with experts from the maritime industry. An example of the latter was the FPSO Research Forum - see the video at the bottom of this article.

Keeping everyone really involved and actively thinking

During physical, online or hybrid meetings.

Number of participants:
Used at both large (200+) and smaller events with around 15 participants

QandR is an important way for us to interact, also with larger groups. We use it for internal meetings and external events. It triggers discussion in the room and you can export a summary so you can reflect on the answers later. Very effective.

Olaf Waals - manager offshore, Marin

During the FPSO Research Forum, MARIN deployed QandR to enrich a group discussion of experts with current questions and ideas from the audience. QandR is projected onto a large screen visible during the discussion, allowing both the panel speakers and the audience to see what opinions the room has on the topic at hand. See how QandR was used in the video below.

The video above is a shortened version of the full recordings of the FPSO Research Forum, which you can watch on the conference website