Break up in breakout rooms and merge session results

Sustainable living

Balance, specialists in strategic advice on the physical living environment, employed Noterik‘s tool QandR to facilitate an interactive dialogue between housing corporation Trivire and its tenants. In several concurrent sessions, tenants used their smartphones to share their knowledge and views on the sustainability of their housing, and what part landlord and tenants might play in improving it.

Giving residents a say on the sustainability of their homes

Breakout rooms with polls, dilemmas, gradings, and word clouds

Number of participants:
7 sessions of each around 12 participants

QandR has already well proven its worth in small focus group sessions in market research, but can be equally useful in larger groups in domains such as civic participation – where (local) governments actively involve citizens in decisions that impact them. The same type of involvement that Trivire wanted for its tenants, to jointly work on the important issue of sustainable living. Download here a QandR pdf report of the combined results of all sessions.

Balance facilitated several sessions, that took place simultaneously, using QandR’s range of interactions to visualise the views in the room on the various sustainability topics. Using polling, grading, word clouds, dilemmas, and quadrants, a detailed picture emerged of where tenants were at, and what they would like to see happen. Importantly, QandR automatically combined the seven sessions into one set of visuals, that was afterwards discussed in a plenary session

Both municipalities and consulting firms use QandR in social research. Read more about this on our page about citizen participation.