Uncovering insights during focus groups

Market Research

Market research companies are often analyzing non-numerical data, so more subjective information that is in the mindset of people, in order to find out their reasoning behind a purchase decision. QandR is an ideal tool to visualize opinions in an intuitive way and use the group dialogue to find out what the underlying arguments and motives are. The intuitive way of answering was for Motivaction, an Amsterdam market research agency, the reason to start working with QandR in their focus group sessions.



"The pointing technique offered by QandR is a method to measure what the gut has to say - as opposed to typing words which is more rational. QandR stands out by facilitating a more intuitive approach to giving responses."

Sander Kluiters, Senior strategy consultant - Motivaction

Our collaboration with Motivaction started in 2017 and as a launching customer they were an important partner to shape the product according to the needs of qualitative research. That Motivaction was innovative on this point is reflected in the fact that they presented it during the ESOMAR Fusion 2019 in Madrid. Below a video recording of this presentation.

During the ESOMAR presentation Motivaction reflected on the reasons why they use this QandR in almost every focus group.

It is fun to work like this and helps us to easily get some focus points for starting the discussion We can also easily transfer the outcomes (visuals) into our reports and respondents like to participate in focus groups where we use this method, as well as our clients

Margré Nijkamp, manager Innovation Lab at Motivaction

Are you working on a research project but still need a group of respondents? Our partner BureauFris offers QandR as a standard research facility and can also provide respondents.

Getting a system 1 response, before the deep dive behind those choices

Research companies using QandR

QandR is used by many Dutch and international organizations. Their focus groups are more enjoyable and QandR helps the facilitators to easily get some focal points to start the discussion. Furthermore, they can easily convey the results (visuals) in their reports and both respondents and their clients give higher ratings to fous groups where QandR is used.