QANDR enters the German market

Jetzt geht’s los!

Our tool to gamify group discussions and generate improved consumer insights, has entered the German market. Produkt + Markt, one of the largest owner-managed full-service market research institutes in Germany, is all set to go to employ QANDR in its qualitative research.

Uncover subjective incentives and motives of respondents in (online) qualitative research.

Visualize and discuss in focus groups using pointers, moodboards poll and much more.

Number of participants:
Focusgroups up to 8 and workshops with up to 15 participants

With 130 employees and its own telephone studio, Produkt + Markt is no small player. They provide national and international market leaders and SMEs with their distinct industry expertise as well as the full spectrum of modern market research instruments – which now includes QANDR. P+M, like Motivaction, is part of WIN (World Independent Network of Market Research – the largest international network of independent institutes, covering over 50 countries), and that international orientation is a great match for QANDR’s ambition for European and global expansion.

As for most of our corporate accounts, we have white-labeled QANDR for P+M in their house style, allowing for a clear branding for their customers and a seamless integration of visuals in reporting.