All real progress starts with a sense of wonder

Visual workshops

Any progress begins with a sense of wonder. That insight is the driving force behind Wonder, the qualitative research arm of the MarketResponse agency.

The Wonder team recently deployed our new Sticky Notes work-format in a project where a group of eight professionals worked in an online brainstorming session to design a new campaign. The Sticky Notes work-format offers different canvases for different types of sessions, such as a SWOT-analyses or the Business Model Canvas. In the editor it is also possible to upload your own background, so you can easily customise the canvas to the context of your client.

Retrieve individual insights in a group setting, remote and face-to-face

Focusgroup sessions with Pointers, Wordclouds, Polls and the Sticky Notes work-format

Number of participants:
Groups with 6 to 20 participants

In the brainstorm, participants were asked to send in post-it notes with different ideas on them. The facilitator could then open these up for discussion by making a specific idea larger and having all participants vote on it. Ideas that were related to each other could then be put together on the canvas to reveal different kinds of categories.

During the hour-and-a-half-long brainstorming session, many new insights were revealed and afterwards, both MarketResponse and their customer were very happy with the visual PDF report automatically generated by QandR.

With the Sticky Notes work-format, QandR has found a very accessible way to also make it possible to 'paste the yellow post-its ' in a session. Very simple, participants do not have to use a complicated desktop interface with many buttons, but they can simply send in the stickers using their own phone, very intuitive. The result is an enjoyable interactive session for everyone.

Maaike Caarels, Senior Research Consultant, Wonder By MarketResponse

In addition to in-depth Sticky Notes sessions, the Wonder team also regularly uses QandR's ability to embed their own images to create seamless presentations laced with interactive QandR questions. A great way to actively engage respondents.

Looking for underlying motives

In market research, QandR is an ideal tool for visualising opinions in an intuitive way and then uncovering underlying arguments and motives in group dialogue. See more examples here.