Explorative research involving parents and teachers

ANWB research

We are thrilled to welcome market research agency Ruigrok NetPanel as a new QANDR partner. They engage in both qualitative and quantitative research, online as well as offline, with plenty of experience in all formats. Ruigrok NetPanel have used QANDR in several research projects. The use-case in this article is about their recent collaboration with the ANWB (Dutch motorists association), where QANDR proved instrumental in the decision process on innovation in traffic education.

Retrieve individual insights in a group setting

Participation meetings with Pointer, Wordclouds and Polls

Number of participants:
Group with +/- 15 participants per session

ANWB asked Ruigrok NetPanel to perform explorative research involving parents and teachers. That research provided ANWB with the necessary insights to make the proper decisions with regards to innovative approaches in the field of traffic education. Ruigrok NetPanel held several online group discussions with teachers and parents, querying them on what is important to them when it comes to teaching traffic rules to children, and their views on how traffic education is currently being conducted. In addition, they got participants to describe their ideal ‘traffic lesson’.

Because you see participants make their choices realtime, you get insights into their doubts and hesitation, that as an interviewer you can elaborate on. It is very easy to use QANDR and it makes online research much more interactive than just speaking with a talking head. Our client ANWB responded positively to our using QANDR as well.

Jeroen Spetter, Research Consultant Ruigrok NetPanel

Experience has taught Ruigrok NetPanel that online group discussions become more energetic and spontaneous if they have an interactive format – as opposed to people drifting off listening to a ‘talking head’. QANDR’s interactive format fitted the bill perfectly. QANDR ensures that participants can share their first responses without having to wait for others to finish what their saying. In addition, QANDR is well suited to presenting specific dilemmas to participants, such as: should traffic education take place at home or at school?

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