Developing tomorrow's living environment today."

Driving forces

We live in a country that is rapidly changing. Major themes determine the lives of the Dutch people now and especially in the future. These themes transcend the boundaries of spatial development and have a significant impact on society. Blauwhoed, together with partners and stakeholders, reflects on that future and develops the living environments of tomorrow. They develop innovative housing concepts that work for people. With the aim of making the Netherlands healthier, happier, and more prosperous, now and in the future.

It is crucial in Blauwhoed's projects to have conversations where all stakeholders truly connect. Yvonne van Mierlo, director of Blauwhoed Studio, is enthusiastic about the added value of QandR as a lubricant and catalyst in such processes. And that enthusiasm is infectious, even for the QandR team!

But first: a team-building session with the whole company, facilitated by QandR.

Note: The session results above have been edited (fictionalised), since it was an internal session. Rather than the content, we aim to show you the dynamics (formats) of such a QandR session.

QandR's work formats are (deceptively) simple, to set up as well as execute. Nevertheless, we always make sure that (new) customers are well prepared and show them what they can do with Qandr in a session with colleagues. Some customers only need half a word, and Yvonne is one of them. Without too much guidance, she set up a comprehensive session that made full use of the diversity of QandR's work formats. The result was accordingly.

“I have become a QandR fan! I did a very intensive session with the entire company yesterday on work happiness and engagement. The tool worked super well! And nice that the QandR team supports so well.....”

Yvonne van Mierlo - Director Blauwhoed Studio


As within, so without

Internal sessions with QandR may not directly generate turnover, but they are no less valuable. Connecting internally is reflected in external projects - and so Blauwhoed embodies the theme it presents to its customers. Below is an excerpt from another internal session: a warm-up, as we provide it to clients in our templates

Would you like to give QandR a try?

Would you like to experience how QandR works? Then book a free demo. Here we demonstrate a live session and then show you how to set up a session yourself via the QandR dashboard. If you just want to get started right away, request a facilitator account.