Give participants practical tools to assess effects of alternative energy sources

Energy Foresters

Regular customer Ruimtevormen uses QandR in various ways. A nice example was the online training Energy Forester. In an assignment from the Brabantse Milieufederatie (Environmental Federation Brabant, BMF), they organised an online training ‘energy forester’ groups associated with BMF and their members.

Train (somewhat) senior participants online

Online training sessions with Polls, Wordclouds, Dilemmas and Grading

Number of participants:
Groups of around 25 participants, ages between 45-75 year

Aim of the the training is providing foresters with practical tools to assess the effect of solair and wind parks on landscape, nature and biodiversity. The training lasts four evenings in total. One evening covers evaluating locations via map images and reading and interpreting development plans. The next two evenings specifically target the how, why and what of setting up wind and solar park in a way that includes nature. This is followed by a period in which participants divide in groups on practical use cases. The training concludes with an evening where the se cases are presented by participants and judged by a panel of experts.

QandR really excels in its user-friendliness. I work with seniors (60+), participants vary, and include people that are not that good with computers, but it always goes very well.

Vanessa Mommers | Ruimtevormen

Vanessa uses QandR to trigger discussion in the group, collect knowledge and evaluate the course. Participants are primarily 'regular' residents of Brabant (province) with a heart for nature and biodiversity in their environment. Many of them are seniors, that do not excel in using digital technology, but because of QandR's user-friendliness they can effortlessly participate in the sessions.

More about Sustainablility challenges

For those involved in sustainability challenges it is worth checking out the reporting of "Stadsdialoog Nieuwe Energie" (City Dialogue New Energy, in Dutch) of the municipality of Utrecht. It contains an aggregation of 11 QandR sessions with a total of 235 participants, that have all given their input in the City Dialog New Energy.