Know what drives people

Uncovering motives

We have a longstanding partnership with well-known market research company Motivaction. They are our launching customer, using QandR in the focus groups that they regularly organise as part of their qualitative research proposition.

Uncover subjective incentives and motives of respondents in qualitative research

Intuitively visualize and discuss in focus groups using pointers and moodboards

Number of participants:
Focus groups with 5-10 participants

Focus group discussions in market research often deal with the subjective perception around concepts, advertisements, ideas or packaging. In this contect, QandR is an ideal tool for visualizing opinions in a more intuitive way and then finding out what the underlying arguments and motives are in the group dialogue. This intuitive way of answering was the reason for Motivaction to start working with QandR in their focus group sessions

The pointing technique offered by QandR is a method to measure what the gut has to say – as opposed to typing words which is more rational. QandR stands out by facilitating a more intuitive approach to giving responses.

Sander Kluiters, Senior strategy consultant – Motivaction

That is the strength that QandR brings to the table for Motivaction, and for any organisation where group discussions play a pivotal role. It provides a disruption of the traditional group meeting dynamics.

Motivaction is using QandR as part of its product proposition and has branded it VisualFocus. It is the visual approach in particular that offers the added value.