Engaging sales professionals in a visual training format

Online Training

At the beginning of 2021, T-Mobile also joined the QandR family. T-Mobile regularly holds internal workshops & training courses for their employees. In the past year, many of these sessions have taken place online because of Corona. Using QandR, a template discussion structure could be set up which was then used in training sessions of multiple sales teams.

One training-format for all T-Mobile Shops.

Online workshop where the Poll, the Pointer (in dilemma/quadrant form), Wordcloud and Moodboard were used.

Number of participants:
All sales employees divided over 100 workshops.

A major advantage of QANDR is that the coordinator can view the results per sales team, but it is also possible to combine the results of all sessions, which also creates a picture of a possible company-wide gap in knowledge, where additional training is therefore required.

The training in this use case is about a new proposition from T-Mobile: Unlimited & Entertainment. Here the Unlimited subscription is combined with video streaming services (Netflix and Videoland). In the sessions, the knowledge about the streaming services of the sales staff is tested, and in addition, the participants were asked to take a position in a dilemma form by means of the pointer module. The wordcloud and the moodboard were also used to see how everyone thinks about certain issues.

QANDR is a well-functioning solution to find out the opinions and wishes of participants in a creative way.

Ingo Voncken, Senior Learning and Development Manager @ T-Mobile The Netherlands

In T-Mobile's Future Lab QandR is described as a smart tool to start a conversation and get everyone involved. A method to quickly uncover all opinions and intentions and then discuss these as a group. And afterwards, you simply print out a report. Boring group discussions are a thing of the past!