Online training on leadership and sustainability in 7 time zones simultaneously

Online training

As a facilitator, the agency The Future Firm used QandR during a leadership program for METRO AG. METRO AG is one of the largest wholesale organizations in the food and hospitality business and would like to become more sustainable.

Inspire young leaders from different countries and engage them in conversation about sustainability challenges

Online workshops met wordclouds, polls en pointers

Number of participants::
In 1.5 years, in different sessions, 8-10 workshops with each time 20-30 participants from different countries

In the training program, participants from different countries engaged in various online sessions in which polls, word clouds, mood boards and pointers were used to discuss various components of the sustainability strategy. In part of the session, executives were also invited as separate stakeholders and could also give their views on various challenges via QANDR.

In a number of QANDR sessions, corporate leaders were invited (from Country Boards) as well as other stakeholders, such as customers or suppliers, and they could also give their vision on various sustainability challenges through QANDR. This interactive way of working online creates a special closeness between countries and between different stakeholders and layers from the organization. QANDR is now also being used more broadly within METRO, for example in various learning & development training programmes.