Organising an inclusive participation process when physical proximity is an issue

Involve participants

How to organise an inclusive participation process in times where physically getting together is not an option? This was the topic of a webinar organised by Rotterdam-based Kickstad that specialises in sustainable urban development. Fellow Rotterdam agency De Plekkenmakers used QandR to elaborate on this theme in a co-creation session with 80+ participants.

Involve residents in conversation when physical meetings are impossible, and ensure their privacy

Physical meetings and webinars. Privacy is guaranteed as QandR is GDPR proof

Number of participants:
Bigger groups, up to 80 participants

The Plekkenmakers gave a good example of how QandR can be used in a webinar with a large number of participants. QandR’s interactive modules are a great way to collect everyone’s responses for all to see, and engage participants for the duration of the webinar. The video below is a recording of the webinar. In addition to collecting responses via QandR, participants could also ask questions and give feedback in a chatbox, that was part of the webinar software they used in conjunction with QandR (clickmeeting).

QandR iss designed as a tool to trigger discussion. By including all participants via their phones, and visualising their joint responses on a central screen, a moderator has plenty of tools for a lively and insightful discussion, including asking respondents to explain their choices. This model can be and is equally well used in online meetings.

For larger groups, particularly in online meetings, you can still ask individual participants their opinion, but the delivery will be more one-sided, with the important addition of collecting participants’ responses interactively and instantly. Click here for De Plekkenmakers’ evalutation of using QandR.