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Listening to everyone

Over Morgen is the consultancy that works towards a sustainable living environment with an integral approach at the intersection of area development and energy transition. In this capacity, the agency initiates various group discussions. With both citizens and policy makers, they organize sessions in which all opinions are inventoried so that an overview of all points of view is created. To arrive at a constructive discussion, it is important that all participants are able to express their opinions and that a nuanced dialogue is used to find a solution that all parties feel comfortable with.

Over Morgen has already used QandR in several talks, such as insulation talks in Roosendaal and Breda and also during several talks on the design of outlying areas. The experiences have been positive, even in conversations that were estimated in advance as difficult.

"We faced a challenging and diverse group but the interaction created by QandR almost completely broke the ice and there was still a good atmosphere in the end to get the input we needed."

-Flore Vesseur | Advisor valuable outdoor areas - Over Morgen

Giving everyone a chance to express her opinion and keeping enough nuance in the conversation without getting bogged down in details

Using both online and offline pointers, mood boards and word clouds

Number of participants:
Group discussions with 10 to 60 participants

Over Morgen uses an approach in its group discussions that is tailor-made for QandR. We are pleased to announce that Over Morgen uses QandR for both its online and offline group discussions.

Especially the way QandR distributes colors to the participants at each session was an important reason for Over Morgen to use the tool. The QandR visualizations are still free of personal data (AVG-proof) which is very nice for reporting. But because each participant has his or her own color, it is possible, for example in the case of a dilemma, to address someone's point of view and ask him or her for his or her underlying motivation for this point of view.

Over Morgen held a QandR session about the Hooge Vorssel tree park in Heesch. Where the municipality should go with this nature reserve is a relevant discussion locally, which is why QandR came around the corner. As you can see from the images, people could give their opinions on where it should go with this area, for example, on one side it says 'nature development and on the other side 'facilities'.

The beauty of the "pointer tool," combined with this diagram, is that moderate voices also have a chance to express their opinions. It often happens that discussions are led by the extreme opinions, while in practice it turns out that not everyone is so outspoken. This is perfectly reflected in this diagram, so here too we give voice to the silent middle.

Get started with templates

The topic of the energy transition has featured in quite a few QandR sessions to date. In collaboration with our partners, we have collected these experiences and processed them into so-called templates. These are ready-made discussion structures available to new QandR users. You can directly use them in your sessions, when discussing for example windmills or installing solar panels. Click here to view them all. Once you select a template it is copied into your QandR dashboard. You can then use the session editor to further adjust this copy to the context of your situation.

Would you like to give QandR a try?

Would you like to experience how QandR works? Then book a free demo. Here we demonstrate a live session and then show you how to set up a session yourself via the QandR dashboard. If you just want to get started right away, request a facilitator account.