Everyone loves to play with the moving dots

Interactive event

QANDR has a solid customer base in market research, where it is primarily used in focus groups. However, QANDR flourishes anywhere were the traditional presentation paradigm fails to engage audiences. This is demonstrated in several events, with enthusiastic participants in one event keen to use it in one of their own.

Below an example of NDE (Dutch Digital Heritage Network) who used QANDR its programme council meeting to brainstorm on the relevance of networking in general and the digital heritage domain in particular. Sophie Taes kicked off NDE’s Digital Heritage Week in Zutphen with a QANDR session of for 60+ participants, on the visibility, usability and sustainability of their digital heritage. The below pictures are taken by © Sebastiaan ter Burg

Brainstorming the relevance of networking and the role of cultural heritage

Physical program council meetings using various QANDR modules

Number of participants:
Session with 20 till 60 participants

Europeana, Europe’s prime platform for digital heritage, once again used QANDR, this time in its Common Culture workshop in October in Stockholm, in a 40 participant session to discuss collaboration between content aggregators. And in November, DDB (German Digital Library), that offers unrestricted access to Germany’s cultural and scientific heritage, facilitated its Europeana National workshop (50 attendees) in Frankfurt with QANDR as well. Since for QANDR, ‘seeing is believing’, is is not surprising that participants in a QANDR session gladly took QANDR along to make their next event a success, leading to a trickle-down effect in this domain.

Whether you’re engaging casually with a small group of elderly people, or instigating a more formal discussion with an aula full of tech savvy students: everyone loves to play with the moving dots, fiddle with the pie charts or upvote words in a wordcloud. QANDR outsmarts other interactive discussion tools on the market, and perfectly integrates presentation slides for a sleek finishing touch.

Sofie Taes , curator-storyteller-workshopper | KU Leuven

Of course, QANDR can be equally used in other domains as well, such as (higher) education (e.g. Saxion and KU Leuven). If you would like to try out QANDR, please request a demo.