Excellent online and offline qualitative research powered by QANDR

Ferro Explore!

FerroExplore is a market research agency that with four senior researchers specializes in excellent qualitative research. They apply their wealth of experience, including in international settings, in various areas of research, such as image/brand testing, positioning research, customer experience, exploratory policy research, innovation and new fields of services. They saw QANDR in action during last year's Esomar innovation sessions and have not looked back since.


FerroExplore regularly deploys QANDR in both online and offline research into such topics as core messages of government departments or corporate stories. With the help of QANDR FerroExplore examines how individuals respond to hearing or reading the message or story. Respondents may be asked to submit a number of key words in a closed, unbiased word cloud that reflect their first response to a particular message. As the word cloud is initially closed, peer influence and socially desirable responses are prevented. At a certain point FerroExplore reveals the word cloud, rendering all words visible to all participants, as well as the client on whose behalf FerroExplore is conducting the research. Subsequently, the thoughts/intentions that underly the submitted key words can be discussed further in the group. This approach makes collecting participants' first responses more fun, more structured and easier to follow for the agency's clients!