Templates for Market Research

Brand Positioning

You use Polls and Wordclouds to map out your participants' knowledge of this and competing brands. With Pointers and Moodboards participants visualise their perceptions of the brand and with Quadrants they indicate which aspects are important.

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Design and packaging

With Pointers you let participants choose pictures of designs, and with Moodboards they let their imagination run wild. With Quadrants, they indicate which aspects of the design and packaging appeal to them most.

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Target group mapping

You ask participants with Polls, Pointers and Wordclouds about possible target groups for the product or service. With Dilemmas and Quadrants you go even deeper into this. The group visualises the best ideas in a Moodboard.

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Customer Journey

You introduce the subject with Polls, Wordclouds and Images for the visual narrative. With the Brown Paper module and the ready-made customer journey template, you allow participants to visualise and discuss the journey with digital stickers.

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Communication Research COVID

You query the group about perceptions of government COVID communication. For a number of key messages you use Polls to ask: see? clear? and Grading: grade? With a Quadrant you visualize the group's positions between the various aspects.

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Value Proposition Canvas

After an introduction with Polls and Wordclouds you use the ready-made Value Proposition Canvas of the Brown Paper module to map out your product/service and target group, by selecting and discussing the digital sticky notes submitted.

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