Templates for Strategy and planning

Daily Huddle

Each working day has a bright start by using the Moodboard to share something with the group. Followed by a Wordcloud for the top 3 goals for the day, a Quadrant for the sweet spot and a Pointer to let others know you want to collaborate with them.

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SWOT analysis

To help your organisation stay on track, use the proven method of the SWOT-analysis. It comes as a ready-made canvas with the Brown Paper module and will help identify your strengths and weaknesses and the market's opportunities and threats.

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Stakeholder Mapping

After an introduction with Polls and Wordclouds, you use the Stakeholder Map canvas of the Brown Paper module to identify the stakeholders according to the group, and which roles they play.

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Sprint Board

The Brown Paper module comes with many canvases in the box, including one to coordinate your agile sprints as a team. Using the Sprint Board, your team members can submit their tasks as digital sticky notes that you then discuss with the team and place at the right positions.

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Business Model Canvas

Quickly make a business plan with your team or other stakeholders with the Business Model canvas that comes with the Brown Paper module. Together you visualise this difficult subject matter by submitting digital sticky notes, discuss them and place them at the right positions.

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Value Proposition Canvas

After an introduction with Polls and Wordclouds you use the ready-made Value Proposition Canvas of the Brown Paper module to map out your product/service and target group, by selecting and discussing the digital sticky notes submitted.

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