Residents closely involved in climate and global warming

Climate panel

A good example of a structural citizen consultation where QandR is used is the climate panel of the municipality of Utrecht. As with citizens' councils, the climate panel consists of a group of citizens who, at the invitation of the municipality, continuously contribute ideas on a topic. In the case of Utrecht municipality, this is the practical implementation of the Climate Vision.

Through the Climate Panel, Utrecht municipality collects input on the municipal offer, policy and the way they communicate with residents. Read more about this panel's methodology and selection process at this link (in Dutch).

Structural citizen consultation

Participate 5 times a year on the climate topics the municipality is working on.

50 participants in each group

Within several climate panel meetings, they use QandR to initiate the group discussion and ensure that all ideas and suggestions are heard. These are visualised on a large screen in the room after which the discussion leader inquires on the different perspectives.

QandR is also always used at the end of the meeting to ask participants to give a grade to the meeting and whether they have any tips and tops for the next session. in this way, QandR also supports the learning and improvement process within the group.

QandR is a great tool that can be used in meetings where you want to interact with the audience. In the tool, you can show your presentation, but at the same time, you can also ask the interactive questions you want to ask the audience. The tool is nicely designed and there is a lot of choice of different types of questions. It is also very nice that the lines of communication with QandR's contacts are short. You can always contact them ad hoc with questions so you can move on quickly. In short, I would definitely recommend this tool!

Wanda van den Berg - Project Secretary for Energy Transition

The climate panel is a good example of an ongoing resident panel within which QandR is deployed. The municipality of Leiden also uses a similar set-up. Read more about a micro citizens' meeting organised by the municipality of Leiden using QandR.