Discussing possibilities of refugee shelter

Refugee shelter Groenpark Simpelveld

Two owners of a bungalow on Groenpark Simpelveld have take the initiative to investigate whether it is possible to accommodate refugees from Ukraine on the park. They inquired which other owners were interested and organized an online meeting with the interested parties. In this online meeting, QandR was used to facilitate the conversation and visualize the different opinions.

Visualizing opinions, ideas and concerns

Online meeting using mainly polls and dilemmas to visualize views

16 bungalow owners

Doing your bit

The war in Ukraine is a topical subject which causes a lot of stir. Many people offer help to the masses of Ukrainians who flee their own country, in the form of money, clothing, goods or even housing. So do Wanda and Carly, owners of a bungalow on Groenpark Simpelveld. They are willing to arrange housing for Ukrainian refugees, and sought contact with other interested parties to start the conversation around this issue.

Starting the conversation with QandR

During the online meetings, Wanda used QandR to structure the conversation. The conversation focused on analysing the possibilities, such as availability of the bungalows, the compensation and the duration of the stay. There was also the opportunity to share ideas and raise concerns.

I know QandR from my work and I used it in this conversation to make sure everyone could express their opinion. It worked very well. We collected useful information for follow-up discussions with the municipality, the reception and the board of the owners' association.

Wanda | Bungalow owner and initiator

Polls and Dilemmas were primarily used in the conversation to map out opinions about an idea or statement.

Added value of QandR

QandR helped structure the conversation and engage the participants. Results were visualized in a clear way, which eanbled a swift follow-up within this project. As a result, the municipality of Simpelveld has rented a number of bungalows and six Ukrainian families are staying at the park.

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