Templates for Brainstorm and Ideation

Visual Check-In

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In addition to the Wordcloud, we have a Brown Paper canvas available for the collection of ideas. In the Wordcloud ideas can be upvoted. In the Brown Paper, you can enlarge a sticky note and then participants can indicate what they think of that idea with the help of a slider.

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User Journey

You introduce the subject with Polls, Wordclouds and Images for the visual narrative. With the Brown Paper module and the ready-made customer journey template, you allow participants to visualise and discuss the journey with digital stickers.

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In our Dotmocracy, dots are not counted that often, that's more quantitative data. In this template, all participants get a personal dot, which you can use as sensors, as pointers or as a way for them to express an opinion.

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MoSCoW matrix

The MoSCoW method is a way of setting priorities in, for example, software engineering. It classifies the requirements for the result of a project. This starts at the top left with the must haves.

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