Transition choices

De Beuk is a cooperative association, a network of independent professionals. All of them are independent in business terms and linked in terms of content. Together with their clients, they look for the best way to work: form follows content. In their work, they use proven work forms to bring together different participants and interests in group processes. QandR is a tool they can use to guide these kinds of processes.

For example, in collaboration with the municipality of Leiden, De Beuk organized a neighborhood meeting to communicate about Leiden's energy transition. Residents can voice their questions and concerns, but also their ideas.

Collect questions, concerns and ideas in different projects

Physical and online meetings with Pointers, Wordclouds, Moodboards and Polls

Number of participants:
Different sizes of groups

QandR very user-friendly for the participants. Your phone navigates automatically so you always have the right interface in front of you. You can give a reaction with a simple finger movement or a single word. This works very intuitively, even older and less digitally skilled people can effortlessly participate in a session.

Annemarie Reintjes | De Beuk

About 80 residents from De Mors came to the 11th floor of the Schouwenhove care facility. Because the turnout for this neighborhood meeting was so overwhelming, the municipality opted for a somewhat differing format for the neighborhood meeting than usual. Residents can voice their questions and concerns, but also their ideas. Read more about it in this meeting report.

De Beuk has taken a QandR subscription so they can use the tool at will, for consulting projects or for internal sessions that can benefit from QandR's interactivity.

For those working on sustainability challenges, it is also interesting to see the Dutch report of the project "Stadsdialoog Nieuwe Energie" of the municipality of Utrecht. This report contains an aggregation of 11 QandR sessions with a total of 235 participants who all provided input into the Stads Gesprek Nieuwe Energie.