Templates for Factor C methodology

Rings of influence

What influence do parties in your network have on the development of the project? With StickyNotes or Pointers you can map out together which roles parties would like to see for themselves and where you think there is room.

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Map out your target audience. This can help sharpen your message. Evaluate your session with a poll and a final wordcloud.

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Interest and trustworthiness

Shared and conflicting interests affect trust between partners in a project. By discussing these you get a more realistic picture.

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Actors analysis

The first step in mapping the environment is to get as complete a picture as possible of the interested parties and any experts. In four steps, you arrive at an inventory of all actors.

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Policy cycle of Winsemius

Have everyone point out on Winsemius' Policy Cycle what stage the policy is currently in. Discuss differences in understanding and, using Sticky Notes, indicate how to improve communication or the current stage.

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Power and influence

A powerful method to map power and influence intree configuration of your stakeholders. This analysis lets your participants point out who are het powerful players and how they are positioned.

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