Collaboration in complex spatial projects

Discussion groups

Our partner Omniplan regularly works on spatial projects involving various parties. Collaboration is the magic word and in order to let everyone speak in a good visual way, Omniplan has purchased a QandR annual subscription. In this use-case you can see an example of the use of QandR in a project within the municipality of Amsterdam.

Evaluate service offerings of the P&O department

Online sessions including Wordclouds, Pointers and Quadrants.

Number of participants:
55 sessions with 3-8 participants each

With 16,000 employees, the Amsterdam municipality is the largest employer in the city. All of these employees have contact with the Personnel & Organization (P&O) department and make use of the products and services that this department has to offer. Omniplan was commissioned in the summer of 2021 to evaluate this range of products and services with various actors within the municipality and to discuss in several session how they could be improved.

QandR is a very user-friendly tool in which the participants can give their opinion in an interactive way. This leads to very useful data.

Judith Diepbrink, management assistent Omniplan

The fact that QandR primarily lends itself to discussions in smaller groups was well understood by Omniplan. In this project, a total of 55 sessions were held, discussions that always involved 3 to 8 participants from different departments. The designs that were discussed were very broad, and fell under the categories employability, inflow, through-flow and administration. On each of these topics, a concrete subtopic was always chosen, such as career advice. The was in a Wordcloud by participants provided with a meaning. And in a Quadrant, participants were always asked what exactly the position of this service was.

QandR offers the possibility of merging the results of multiple sessions. In total, 210 employees of the municipality of Amsterdam were consulted in this project. More about the merging of session results can be found on this page.

In addition to projects at clients, Omniplan also uses QandR for internal meetings, for brainstorms or network events, where they want to get a quick insight into the ideas in the group. This happened for example in a network meeting about Space and Mobility.