A free template for your new years' drinks event

Toasting the new year

Making a virtue of necessity: physical, online and hybrid

It has been quite a year. Like millions of others, we had to structurally adapt to imposed Corona restrictions in 2021 - and the end is not yet in sight. We made a virtue of necessity by fine-tuning QandR for use in online sessions. This has resulted in new forms of use, such as guiding sessions on the energy transition. In these times in particular it is crucial to maintain a substantive dialogue with citizens. QandR turns out to be a very suitable lubricant for this. We used this period to continue with QandR Hybrid, for meetings with participants who are partly physical and partly remote (even without Zoom). And last but not least, the development of our new Brown Paper module was certainly a milestone: it allows you to use telephones to easily map yellows onto a canvas of your choice.

Free new years template

By now, we've built up the necessary know-how from all the sessions conducted with QandR. We know where QandR can be used well and which module suits which situation. That's why we now offer our clients a whole series of templates for various themes, with which you can set up a session in no time. With our New Year's reception template, you and your colleagues or friends can make an interactive start to the new year. And especially for this occasion, you can use this template for free during the whole month of January, without trial restrictions, even if you don't have a QANDR account yet.

Mentimeter's more versatile sibling

The clients who have found their way to QandR are happy with the tool - and that's why we do it. We increasingly see clients switching to a subscription because they want to do more sessions with more participants, and involve more facilitators. We sometimes hear it joked: 'QandR is Mentimeter's more versatile brother' - and there's a lot in that. QandR makes truly inclusive conversations possible. Unique modules such as Pointer, Moodboard, Quadrant and Brown Paper contribute to an approach that stimulates intuitive responses and offers a personal experience. We want to continue to make that difference in 2022. And, 'seeing is believing', you are always welcome to book a demo so we can show you what that difference looks like.