Lively conversations at your fingertips

What is QandR?

Group discussions are important. But there is a pitfall. Not everyone always gets to speak. And not everyone is strong with words... How do you uncover underlying intentions and meanings? How do you ensure that the conversation keeps going and everyone feels equally involved? How do you get to the heart of the matter without losing focus? QandR offers the right trigger.

What do we need?

The smartphones of your participants. That's it. Using these smartphones, all participants can simultaneously express their opinions on a central screen, after which the moderator can immediately choose from a very diverse range of viewpoints. This gives group discussions a more dynamic character, in which even modest people have their say. And because everyone actively participates, you also create a more involved and focussed attitude among all participants.

What does QandR offer us?

QandR uses different working formats such as the moodboard, pointer, the dilemma and of course the wordcloud. Grade a design or slogan and arrive at the average group grading. Stimulate the discussion by asking participants to take a position and show hesitation (dilemma), brainstorm visually with each other (moodboard) and give the opportunity to upvote other opinions, so that the more introverted participants can also have their say (wordcloud). There are many, many possibilities, see all our modules

Imagining topics

The space for nuance, visualisation of question marks and imagination of more subjective topics makes QandR excite your conversation in an intuitive way. You are in an open playing field in which everyone listens to each other. QandR participants have every opportunity to show and discuss their doubts. Boring group discussions? No more.

Report after the event

Simply save and share the results after the meeting? No problem! With the report function, you can easily select all the QandR visualisations you wish to view again. A PDF of this report can be downloaded and/or mailed to all interested parties.

Want to know more?

QandR excites participants and brings more depth to the conversation. If you want to know how QandR does it, read more on our Trigger and dive page.

Want to join a session?

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