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The silent majority speaks

As facilitator of a group discussion and/or workshop, it is often a challenge to uncover all viewpoints. There are typically two or three participants who have strong opinions that overshadow the rest of the group. This limited dialogue has the risk of the meeting getting bogged down in a black-and-white discussion in which only 'supporters' and 'opponents' are considered. Those who do speak tend to constantly repeat themselves. The silent middle group mentally drops out - they are still present but no longer make a substantial contribution to the dialogue

What is QandR?

QandR offers a simple solution to prevent 'black and white discussions' by allowing the silent middle to speak in a fun and simple way. Using various work formats, each participant is individually challenged to take a position. QandR creates an overview of these standpoints, allocating an individual color to each participant. This provides a basis for a discussion leader to select ideas to be discussed and in which order. The conversation is filled with new insights because the 'silent middle' is also visible and gets to actually contribute.

What do we need?

The smartphones of your participants. That's it. With the help of their smartphones, all participants simultaneously express their opinions on a central screen.

What does QandR offer us?

QandR uses different work formats such as the moodboard, pointer, the dilemma and of course the wordcloud. Grade a design or slogan and arrive at the average group grading. Stimulate the discussion by asking participants to take a position and show hesitation (dilemma), brainstorm visually with each other (moodboard) and give the opportunity to upvote other opinions, so that the more introverted participants can also have their say (wordcloud). There are many, many possibilities, see all our work formats

What makes QandR different?

During Corona, you will undoubtedly have come across several tools, but QandR is different. The most important thing is its simplicity of use. We're proud that QandR was recently used during a residents' meeting at a retirement home. This proves that less digitally trained people can also use the tool. In addition, QandR really focuses on deepening the dialogue, by visualising the opinions of the 'silent middle' and recognising and acknowledging nuances through the various work forms. Participants in a QandR session have an active and concentrated attitude and experience much understanding for each other because the QandR visualisations work as an open playing field in which everyone's voice is visible. This not only gives the discussion leader very concrete tools to structure the conversation, it also helps the participants to think less in black and white and to adopt a more constructive attitude in the dialogue.

Report after the event

Simply save and share the results after the meeting? No problem! With the report function, you can easily select all the QandR visualisations you wish to view again. A PDF of this report can be downloaded and/or mailed to all interested parties. Wanting to analyse the quantative date from a session? Download all data to an Excel sheet with just one click.

A demo as moderator

Curious how it all works? Book a demo (no strings attached), we are happy to show you what QandR can do for you. A demo takes approximately 30 minutes and by all means let your colleagues tag along.

Want to join a session?

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