increase involvement in workshops

Interactive Workshop

Timber Haaker, professor Business Models at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, ran a series of workshops for 2nd year students Business Economics on the topic of Future Scenarios, using QandR to increase engagement and spice up the workshops.

Collect individual insights in a group setting

Series of workshops with Pointer, Wordclouds and Polls

Number of participants:
Three group lectures containing 16 up to 33 students.

All in all 70 students had the opportunity to give their responses using QANDR polls, word clouds pointers and the new moodboard, in groups of up to 33. QANDR worked well and students and teachers alike found the QANDR interactions to be useful and of added value.

I used QANDR in a sequence of three group lectures containing 16 up to 33 students. With this group size it is normally difficult to keep everybody’s attention but QANDR helped me to involve everybody in a playful manner.

Timber Haaker, Professor Business Models | Saxion

Some interactions invited more then playful responses (chasing each other’s pointers across the screen or lining them up) but that only enhanced the camaraderie and the responses provided a good starting point for the discussion.

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