A brain response at your fingertips

Trigger discussion

How do you keep participants in a group discussion involved and how do you trigger them to give their opinion? How do you visualise their first associations in an intuitive way?

With QANDR, the answer to these questions is at your fingertips, or rather in the hands of your participants. Their smartphone has all the tools that QANDR uses for participation. Touch screen, camera and browser are used in a playful manner.

Want to join a session?

If you want to join a live session as a participant, click the green button "Join session" or go to www.qandr.eu/en/join.

Design principles

In the development of QANDR, two principles have been given high priority. These are real-time interaction and powerful visualisation.

The first principle is the direct, almost real-time interaction between the smartphone and the main screen. For example, in a QANDR session, a small finger movement on the screen of a phone is displayed in near real-time on the main screen. This, and other real-time modules, give participants a real sense of control and increase engagement and focus in the discussion.

The second principle is the power of visualisations. By translating a discussion almost immediately into a visual overview, participants can easily move into different dimensions of an issue. Within those visual dimensions, they can express their opinions and viewpoints, which in turn immediately triggers other participants in the discussion.

The combination of real-time interaction and powerful visualisations makes QANDR an excellent tool to trigger discussions. Participants use their smartphones to express their initial reaction in a very intuitive way. A more emotional and direct stimulation of the brain is thus at fingertips.