Allow submitting multiple answers in a poll

Feature update Poll

We regularly get from QandR users the question : Can you also set up the poll in such a way that participants can submit multiple answers? For example, to use in a prioritisation question. That feature has now been added to QandR.

In the above screencast, we show how this works. You choose the ‘poll’ option in the QandR editor and you see that a number of additional editor fields have now been added. The most important one is the ‘allow multiple answers’ check-box. Selecting this means that participants in a session are allowed to tick multiple answers when this question is asked. When you select this checkbox, you will also see that the Chart Type in the editor changes from Pie Chart to Bar Chart.

When you start a session with these settings, participants can tick multiple options on their phones, and on the main screen you can see in a bar chart these answers coming in. We chose a number in this case but if you set the bar chart to percentage then each bar can get 100%. This is the case if all participants have ticked this as important.

This feature update on the Poll is a great addition to the various working formats QandR has to offer. Do you also have an idea that we can incorporate into our app? Get in touch with contact.