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December 2021 - Kickstart your energy transition projects with QandR templates

Read about how QandR addresses challenges that municipalities face to engage residents in the energy transition. And how with our new thematic templates setting up effective sessions is a breeze.

November 2021 - Discussing sticky notes together is a breeze with QandR

Hey presto: the Brown Paper module, that offers a simple way to collectively organize sticky notes on a canvas. Also read about three interesting use cases for each of the domains where QandR is currently being applied. .

September 2021 - QR-code to quickly join a session

Access QandR sessions by simply scanning a QR code. Take your phone, point the camera to the code on the screen, and you’re in. Also nice use cases and a new website.

March 2021 - Webinars and webcasts

Read about how, partly because of the COVID pandemic, QANDR is being deployed during webinars and webcasts, with interaction in larger groups. A very interesting development with a clear added value.