QandR sessie data is stored on European territory

QandR sessie data is safely stored


QandR is often used in market research, where confidentiality is crucial. Partly for this reason, security has been embedded in the structure of QandR from the outset and different types of data within sessions are well protected. This is good news, also for our clients in the public sector, where privacy and security are at least as important.Read more about this in the boxes below.

- Secure communication (SSL)
- Two factor authentication (2FA)
- Server centre located on European teritory
- Data processing agreements (DPA)


An important requirement for all tools used for public meetings is that the privacy of the participants in a session is safeguarded. Fortunately, QandR has been developed in such a way that people can participate in sessions without having to register. Read more about this on the privacy page of participants in a QandR session.