Market research professionals from all over the world discover QandR

QandR en Esomar

With market research as one of the prominent fields where QandR is applied, it is no surprise that we have had multiple dealings with ESOMAR members. In 2019 QandR was presented at ESOMAR Fusion 2019 in Madrid. During the event experts from the field dived deeply into their struggles and success stories of qualitative research and data science. At this particular occasion, researchers from Motivaction, one of our first QandR customers, demonstrated their research methodology VisualFocus, which plays a pivotal role in QandR’s customisation for the qualitative research market.

During the session, Margré Nijkamp and Roos Thijssen, both qualitative researchers at Motivaction, actively involved around 60 participants in a discussion on an arguably awkward Dutch candy called liquorices. The candy was tasted on the spot, which added to the playful, yet powerful nature of the presentation. The people in the room were quite impressed with the way QandR involved them in the subject. And during the presentation Motivaction reflected on the reasons why they integrated QandR into their focus group session:

We use this method in almost every focus group, because of several reasons: 1) It is fun to work like this and helps us to easily get some focus points for starting the discussion 2) We can also easily transfer the outcomes (visuals) into our reports 3) Respondents like to participate in focus groups where we use this method, as well as our clients

Margré Nijkamp, manager Innovation Lab at Motivaction

The hands-on presentation stood out in an otherwise very conceptual crowd. Here you can see the visuals that the people in the room created together, containing Polls, Pointers, Wordclouds and Gradings.

During the discussion afterward, Motivaction also made remarks on the way they started to use QandR.

It is all about learning by doing. If you start using it you will see it is a very fun and easy tool to use. That is very important, especially for qualitative researchers, who are in general not such a fan of all these new technologies and data, it is about learning by doing.

Roos Thijssen, qualitative researcher at Motivaction