Accelerate a group discussion by using interactive visuals that everybody can modify


What kind of interactive elements can be used from any smart phone
Easy joining
Easy joining

People can easily join the session by typing a simple url into the webbrowser of their phone. No account registration of App Store download is required.


Allow your audience to use their phone to pin-point specific areas on a picture you show on the main screen. Each user will have it own pointer, allowing different type of interaction models.


Quickly setup a poll to your audience and collect the results on your presentation screen. Decide whether you want to see live update, or present the results after a minimum amount of votes has been given.

Word cloud
Word cloud

Ask everybody in the audience to send keywords and generate live a word cloud on the main screen. Ask people to vote on different keywords and use the most valued keywords for further discussion.


Create an inspiring event by involving your public in the course of the presentations
Why not use all these smartphones in the audience?

QANDR allows you to get valuable feedback from your audience whether you are hosting an event, giving a presentation or attending a business meeting. If you want to know the views of your audience when for instance you are showing a slide, a graph, a picture or holding a strategic meeting, you can easily use QANDR to collect that information. QANDR is not a presenting tool in itself, but rather a nifty tool that can easily be integrated in all your existing means of giving a presentation. A presenter will typically first make his or her normal slides using a classic tool like Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Presentations, setting placeholders for interactive QANDR elements. Next, the presentation is uploaded using the QANDR dashboard and the presenter can subsequently add and define the various QANDR elements, and then the interactive presentation is ready to go. We have designed QANDR to connect to any smartphone, tablet or computer in the audience. Since most people nowadays have one, you as a presenter get a room full of smart devices to interact with for free. No need for extra equipment, voting boxes or cables running around your presentation room. A simple WiFi will do, phones can also work with a 3G or 4G connection. QANDR is your ideal presentation companion. We currently offer the simple but powerful features such as Polls, Pointers, Word Clouds and a 'Reveal' element, but we adding such things as gamification, profiling and statistics. QANDR can be used as an end product, or we can customise the concept, catering to your needs, such as branding, specific game elements, advertising, and more.


    No app-instalment or registration needed

  • POLL

    Quickly push a quiz and visualise grouped opinions


    Brainstorm by pushing words or by up-voting words of others


    By touching the phone, move a dot on the image of the mainscreen


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