Qualitative research training with QANDR

QANDR not only flourishes in large companies, but is used by smaller agencies as well, such as Marion Matthijssen’s ‘Onderzoek en Training’ (Research and Training).

Sociologist Marion Matthijssen is an experienced and enthusiastic researcher, and has worked independently since 2010. She uses her considerable skill set to do applied qualitative research in the public and social domain, with an emphasis on creative techniques and a visual approach. QANDR was just the thing for her, as it (in her words) ensures that visual elements are added to the focus group, allowing difficult, abstract topics to be instantly discussed in a clear, swift and nuanced manner.
In addition, Marion also trains others in qualitative research.

She has used QANDR both in her own research projects and her training sessions. She really enjoys working with QANDR and finds her participants do as well.

I really find it supercool how you do this with this programme
Participant in focus group, talking about QANDR

QANDR is developed by Noterik B.V., please contact us on +31 (0)20 2401145 if you like to know more about it. We will be happy to demonstrate you the product through a screen-share session.