QANDR used at Creathon

Noterik organised a creathon for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam or HvA), for its research project More Profit From Data. Using a variety of techniques, including our product QANDR, Noterik brought together the various stakeholders to explore how current second screen applications commissioned and used by several Dutch broadcasters might be improved, based on a range of criteria.

This particular hackathon was branded ‘creathon’, as the day was spent developing ideas and concepts for (improved) second screen applications. We started of with a presentation by Harry van Vliet, lecturer Crossmedia at the HvA, using Noterik’s QANDR tool, explaining constructs such as ‘presence’, ‘interactivity’, ‘motivation’ and ‘context’ that determine user experience, and collect participants’ responses. An impression of the day and the QANDR interaction can be viewed here.