Innovate lecturing at MODUL University

QANDR is being used successfully at the Modul University to innovate this semester’s Bachelor course on New Media and E-Business Applications. Every week, two MODUL assistant professors, Dr Lyndon Nixon and Dr Irem Önder, are using QANDR in parallel to engage two separate groups, with each around 60 students, in a playful manner, by querying them with polls on technology trends for business, asking them to position pointers on illustrations like the Gartner Hype Cycle, or collecting in real time student suggestions using an onscreen Word Cloud. The students make use of their mobile phones, tablets or laptops to be presented with calls for interaction and respond to them, with results shown real-time on the presentation screen.

“Using QANDR in the lectures has enabled me to more easily engage the students with the material they are learning about, ensuring all participants can be involved in a Joint activity and initiating interesting discussions in the Group. Something which previously proved very difficult in a lecture size of 50-60 students.”
Dr Lyndon Nixon, Assistant Professor New Media Technology at the MODUL University Vienna

A QANDR-empowered presentation is run much like a traditional Powerpoint presentation, in that a presenter shows a series of slides on a large screen using a remote control. However, the presentation is made more engaging by inserting interactive QANDR elements that will prompt the audience on their mobile phones to respond and collaborate in the presentation. Download an example QANDR presentation from the MODUL University here.