New grading feature

Noterik ensures you are well prepared for the new year and particularly New Year’s eve, with the new Grading feature included in a must-have benchmark test for your ‘oliebollen’.

Noterik jumped to the occasion to fill the gap left by the demise of the traditional oliebollen test¬†conducted by Dutch newspaper AD, which for the last 25 years used to set the benchmark for this traditional Dutch piece of oily pastry¬†(literally ‘oily balls’). Well aware of the weight of the occasion, the Noterik team discarded their usual gourmet lunch menu in favour of a comprehensive sampling of a range of competing ‘oliebollen’.

Using a combination of QANDR’s interactive formats, the oily balls were compared and thoroughly evaluated in several QANDR sessions. The new grading (‘rapportcijfer’) module nicely supplemented QANDR’s intuitive qualitative methodology with a quick way to quantify the individual grades and the average grade on-screen.¬†Furthermore QANDR’s exciting new interactive reporting feature (in beta), with a few mouse clicks, responses collected in the separate sessions could be combined and classified by participant profile (gender and age group).

The result is not just the one winner that puts all other ‘oliebollen’ vendors out of business, but a nuanced report that allows for an informed choice of that ageless snack the Dutch stuff themselves with the last day of 2018.