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What is QandR?

Normally we ask participants in a group discussion to switch off their cell phones, but not now! With QANDR they actively use their phones to add visual elements to a large screen in the room, and reflect on these elements during the discussion. This makes the group discussion more fun for your participants as well as your client, but above all it provides enriching input. With QANDR even the most abstract topics can be discussed in a quick, clear and nuanced fashion.

How does QandR work?

Respondents join with their mobile phones directly in the browser - there is no need to install an app. Because every respondent can influence the visualisation with a mobile device, there's an increased focus and sense of involvement amongst all respondents. The intuitive touch screen controls also expose respondents' hesitations and doubts. Furthermore, a real-time visual report is directly available for both respondents and clients.